Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1st of July

This blog was originally posted on the Environment and Society in a Changing Arctic Blog on July 3, 2014.

by Tyler Kamp and Vadim Velichkin

The day started early in Nikkaluokta with breakfast at 8am.  Our place of stay was far from the food center and everyone was still recovering from the hike yesterday.  Breakfast consisted of toast with cheeses and meats and oatmeal. After breakfast we met to discuss the rest of the day.  Since the Sami had all left there was no one to interview for.  The teachers decided to have us look around the village for little clues about the Sami.  We started with the chapel.  It was interesting in that it showed traditional Christian church things mixed with traditional Sami things.  We found some of the house they stayed at as well, they were modern looking houses.

The bus back to Kiruna was at 1230 so we had to go back and pack everything up. It was again a long
walk back carrying all our luggage.  The bus went to the airport in Kiruna first to drop off Jonathan then dropped us off at the hostel.  We only had a short time before we were supposed to walk to the Sami culture museum and we did not have time for lunch.  The Sami culture museum was interesting in that we finally had some perspective from the Sami’s viewpoint.  We were done there at around 330 where we were free to go with a discussion on the topic the following day.  We were starving and decided to eat the the “Arctic Thai” food place.  It was very good and provided lots of food.

We returned to the hostel and unloaded our stuff a bit.  We relaxed for a while before heading to the sauna for what could be the last time in the north of Sweden.


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